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First Street Community Church is a community of believers who value traditional worship while welcoming the new.  We believe the story and instruction that God gave us in the Bible are unchanging, but how we share it may change as needed to clearly meet the needs of people of a variety of ages, cultures, and backgrounds.


Wondering who Jesus really is, or if you’re confident in your belief in Him?  You are welcome to join us in worship while you explore what faith could mean in your life.


We believe that the church belongs to and is grown by Jesus Christ. He brings people into the fellowship of the church who have gifts and abilities to contribute to the building up of the local church and achieving its calling to make disciples who will follow Jesus.


You are invited to come, learn, and explore whether this is the place where God would have you invest your time and talents for His Kingdom.



Together we are a community of believers in Jesus Christ.  We believe that together we grow stronger and do more as we encourage each other.


"First Street Community Church is a Family of Faith whose mission is to know Christ and to make Him known through worship, witness, discipleship, fellowship and service."



You will often hear us referring to Show & Tell.  This is the short version of our moto

"Showing God's Love and Telling His Story"

Show & Tell


We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through fellowship, and ultimately growing closer to God. We value the word of God, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We look to extend grace to all of the lost and broken, and lead those with no hope to the hope of Jesus Christ.


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Pastor  Ryan Schindler

Senior Pastor

Pastor Ryan Schindler (shown here with his wife Mary and sons Cameron and Christopher) was called as Senior Pastor on September 25, 2022.  He comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a church staff member and pastor with 12 of those years as a Senior Pastor.  He graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Gateway Seminary, Bachelor’s Degree in religion from Dominican University, and doctoral studies at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  Pastor Ryan grew up in Northern California and enjoys outdoor activities, national parks, fitness, church retreats.  

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Sharon Paynter

Worship Leader

Sharon was comminssioned by the church for the worship music ministry in 2016.

Friendly people can make all the difference

Debbie Peek

Church Secretary

Debbie has been our Church Secretary since December 2014.

Our Affiliations

We mutually cooperate with

Generally with the Southern Baptist Convention for International and North American Missions, religious education, and research.


In Calfiornia with the California Southern Baptist Convention for state wide support of local churches and outreach to multiple ethnicy and cultural groups in California.  We also support the Calfiornia Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Missions which not only helps victims of fire, flood, and other disasters in California, but also sends relief teams when requested to other states and internationally.


Regionally with the Sacramento Region Baptist Network for cooperation with and support of local Baptist churches in the region.


Locally with Centro de Alabanza Siloe' with whom we share our facilities in order to support the local Spanish speaking community.

A brief history of FSCC

First Street Community Church was incorporated as First Baptist Church of Lincoln, CA in 1948.   We are a 501(c)3 non-Profit corporation which has done business as First Street Community Church since December 2017 and officially changed the corporation name in 2022.


Started with a few families in a home, they soon grew and moved to a little church building downtown.  In the mid-1960s the existing property at the corner of 1st and O Streets was purchased by the church and we  started building the facilities we currently use.


Over the years the facilitiess have continued to be improved and most areas are now handicapped accessible.


After many years of trying to identify a way to reach out to the many Spanish speaking families in the area, we were given the opportunity to share our facilities with Centro de Alabanza Siloe'.   They hold services in Spanish on Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings.