The following resources provide on demand viewing for all ages

We have found these resources to be of value and hope you will also.



RightNow Media is our gift to you. 

Anyone associated with our church (attending, visitor, friend, or family) is eligible for a free subscription which includes thousands of videos for all ages groups.  Please click here to get more detail and the link to sign up for this free (forever) subscription.

These are Worship services and Bible classes for kids pre-recorded by Life Church.  They are the folks who created the YouVersion Bible App and Bible App for Kids which you can access on your phones, and the Online Church platform which we use.  They started creating these services when COVID-19 shutdowns first occurred and continue to make them available for anyone who wants extra resources for family members or for those who cannot come to in person activities for any reason.

Bible Adventure (YouTube playlist for Preschoolers)

LifeKids Channels Home Page Has links to multiple playlists and invidual videos for school age kids.


The Chosen is a  TV type series based on the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples.  It is available on your phone and can be cast to your TV using several methods.  As of November 2021, two seasons have been produced and the third is in process.  There will also be a Christmas special in theaters in early December 2021.  It is the largest "crowd sourced" media production and is supported by those who want to see it continue to be developed and spread around the world in an increasing number of languages.   It is also now being made available on Redeem TV (see next section on this page)

Go to TheChosen.TV for all the details.

Redeem TV carries a variety of Christian movies, dramas, and content for kids.  It is donor supprted but makes a significant amount of content free to anyone.  It can be watched on your computer or streamed via a variety of TV attached services and devices.  Some of their content is original and won't be seen any where else.  If you haven't seen the animated version of Pilgrim's Progress which came out a couple of years ago, this is the place to view.  They are also providing access to the iBible as episodes are being developed.  Get all the details at